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  • Evadzi, Prosper IK, Eduardo Zorita, and Birgit Hünicke. “West African sea level variability under a changing climate–what can we learn from the observational period?.” Journal of Coastal Conservation 23.4 (2019): 759-771.
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  • Evadzi, Prosper IK, Eduardo Zorita, and Birgit Hünicke. “Quantifying and predicting the contribution of sea-level rise to shoreline change in Ghana: Information for coastal adaptation strategies.” Journal of Coastal Research 33.6 (2017): 1283-1291.
  • Besset, M.; Lamy, S.; Fernández-Fernández, S.; Bantouvaki, K.; Anghelin, G.; Constantin, S.; Stelzer, K.; Belaidi, A.; Echave, I.; Fryganiotis, E.; Kalousi, G.; Evadzi, P. ‘Space for Shore -WP 2.2. Product Validation Report. Version 1′.